Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Again!!

It's Sunday once again, and I'm still wondering how it got here so fast!  But this Sunday is different because I'm on SPRING BREAK!!!!  It is so nice to relax and enjoy Sunday.  My Goodreads Challenge is keeping me very busy!  I'm very proud of myself because I've read 393 new to me books so far this year.  I have found so many great books thanks to the blogs that I read and the great people that I follow on Twitter.  I feel like a better Media Specialist because I'm being exposed to such great books and I'm getting them into the hands of my students.  This has turned into a big thank you post because I feel in the past month, I've grown so much and learned so much!  Soon I'll post a list of the some of my favorite blogs and people I follow on Twitter.  But for now I must go enjoy this relaxing Sunday!!!!


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