Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Rather Frustrating Week

This was my first week back from Spring Break.  I started the week on Tuesday.  I was amazed how fast I went from being relaxed and enjoying Spring Break to being so stressed I could hardly see straight!!  My assistant went home sick on Tuesday morning.  I only had three class, so it was fine.  She was home again on Wednesday.  Well, what it was.  At least I had a sub for her.  I would have had to cover a class for 45 minutes in the morning, but the sub did that for me.  I had the check in six classes books, and be ready to start teaching at 9:30am.  I taught straight through until 11:45am.  It should have been my lunch break, but I agreed to have two classes of 5th Grade come down and check out before the books were covered because of the book fair. That took up until 12:30pm, which is when my next class started.  I taught straight through until 2:45pm.  I couldn't even take a break because I had to start setting up my Book Fair.  I had a few great teachers who helped me get started setting up.  Then my wonderful special education para-educator stayed with me and helped me finish setting up.  I would not have gotten finished as fast as I did without her.

I'm trying to get some rest this weekend, but this was the last week to turn in book reports for my reading incentive program.  And did they ever turn in reports!!!  I think that I read over 1000 book reports tonight.  I'm really glad it is the last week.  Now on to planning the reward trip.  I already have the bowling trip lined up, but I need to find a place for lunch!

I haven't been doing a lot of reading for myself this week.  I'm frustrated that I haven't had the time to read for me.  It wasn't that I couldn't make the time, it was I didn't have any time.  I've been doing a lot of rereading because of reading book to my primary classes from the book fair.  I'll post about them tomorrow.


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