Thursday, November 6, 2014

Starting Over in November

smile bookWow, I'm just amazed how life sometimes takes over and before you know it another month has almost passed without a blog post from me. Well I'm considering November my month to start over. I'm making myself a chart so I can keep track of my blogging. Hopefully I can get some motivation from the stickers that I put on the chart. I think that one thing that will help me begin blogging more is I'm actually reading again. So my book smile for today is that I'm reading again! 

I was so overwhelmed with school and all the extra responsibilities that I took on (willingly) I stopped focusing on me. I'm hoping to make a change starting today.

20821124Two of the books that have really gotten me excited to read again are two from Penguin Young Readers. I received both copies to review. The first book was Once Upon An Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers. Click here for a summary on Goodreads. I'm a huge fan of Oliver Jeffers, so I had high hopes for this book. I wasn't disappointed! I love that this is not your typical alphabet book the short stories are very quirky which make them more interesting in my opinion. My favorite story was for the letter "i" about an ingenious inventor! This is an alphabet book that I think will be very popular with my students!

22402972The second book that I received from Penguin Young Readers was one that had been on my to read list since I had first heard about it, Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. Click here for a summary on Goodreads. I was so blown away by this book! I related to it as a teacher but also as a student who has dyslexia. I didn't struggle as much as Ally did in the book because I was fortunate to have a good family friend who was a teacher at a school for dyslexic students. She tutored me for three summers and taught me how to strategies to succeed. Even if you don't suffer from dyslexia, we have all had students who struggle and just need that one teacher to take an interest in them. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

So happy that I have finally gotten a new blog post up. Now to go put a sticker on my chart and find another book to read!

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How Did It Become October Already!?!?

I can't believe it is already October! I have had such a busy beginning of the school year! I am the Demonstration Teacher for my counties Library Media program. I get to interact with all the new Elementary Library Media Specialists for my county. They get to come see my library and we go through what the beginning of the year looks like. I also provide them with six weeks worth of lesson plans to get their year started. I love doing it, but it is a lot of work because I am a perfectionist. I'm also mentoring a 1st year Library Media Specialist and a 2nd year Library Media Specialist. I really enjoy this because their enthusiasm keeps me excited about our job. I love when they can show me new tools! 

I've really missed being able to blog. But something had to give and blogging was it. I've also been off Twitter which hasn't made me happy either! So my goal is to start back on both!

I'll be posting my It's Monday! What Are You Reading? post later on today. It is a no kid day at school, so I think I can carve out a little bit of time to work on it.

Happy Reading!

Stacey (@libraryjo92) 

Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I can't believe it is Monday again! Time is speeding by so fast. I'm looking at my plans that I had at the beginning of summer and wondering how I can fit most of it in during this last week! But I did get to read some in this past week!

18615736A nonfiction book that I read was the reprint of DK Eyewitness Books: Titanic by Simon Adams. Click here for a summary on Goodreads. The book is just an updated version of the previous one. The cover looks more appealing. I've always been fascinated by the sinking of the Titantic as are my students. This will be a great addition to my library since my other copy has been well loved and is on it's last legs.

18782868While I was at a bookstore last week, I had the opportunity to read some different picture books. One that I really liked was Peanut Butter and Cupcake by Terry Border. Click here for a summary on Goodreads. This book was a good book about finding a friend. The illustrations were unique and interesting. Though as others mentioned in their reviewed on Goodreads, I was a bit confused by the title. I won't spoil the book by revealing why I was confused, but you should understand after you read the book.


I think my favorite read of the week was Sisters by Raina Telgemeier. Click here for a summary on Goodreads. This book is a squeal to Smile. It was great to revisit the family. In fact, I think that I liked Sisters even more than I did Smile! I loved that the focus of the book was on family and how family dynamics can change over time. Smile has been a HUGE hit in my library and I know that Sisters will be as well! I was able to read this book thanks to NetGalley!

What have you been reading this past week?

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)