Monday, April 4, 2016

It's Monday!! What Are You Reading?

This meme was started by Sheila at Book Journey. The kid's version was started by Jen at Teach Mentor Text and Kellee at Unleashing Readers. It feels like forever since I have posted about what I've been reading. It also feels like forever since I've done a lot of reading. I was planning on catching up during Spring Break, but life made me slow down and take some time with my family. I had to go back home to PA for a funeral. I won't have wanted to be any other place than with family during our time to say good bye. 

I've been in the madness that is my March BOOK Madness. See the previous post. I'm now done to the final two, Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk vs. Please Mr. Panda by Steve Anthony. Can't wait to see who will win!! Stay tuned!

I started back to work last Tuesday from Spring Break, but there was no easing back in. I was finishing all the prep work for my school visit from Marc Tyler Nobleman. He has written over 70 books, but his visit was focused on Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman and Billy the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman. I'll be posting abut his visit later this week. A sneak peek: It was AWESOME!!!!

23271637Now on to my reading for the past few weeks. I've read The Nest by Kenneth Oppel and illustrated Jon Klassen. Click here for a summary on Goodreads. Such an interesting book. I'm still trying to decide if I liked or if I didn't. I'm having a hard time deciding. On one hand the story was interesting enough to hold my interest and continue reading to fine out how it ended. On the other hand, the plot was a little out there, even for me. In a few months, a reread might be in order. I'm interested to see what others thought. There were not a lot of illustrations in this book, but Jon Klassen made them really creepy which fits to overall theme of this book.

I read Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson. Click here for a summary on Goodreads. I mainly read this book because it is a  Maryland Black-Eyed Susan nominated book for Graphic Novels. It has been widely popular with my students. In fact, I had to check it out from the public library because it was never on my shelf for long! I can see why my students like the book. I enjoyed the book and can't wait to share the second and third book with my students.

23719217The last book that I managed to read in the past few weeks was Took by Mary Downing Hahn. Click here for a summary on Goodreads. I've always been a fan of Mary Downing Hahn. As I was growing up, I could always count on her for a scary read and this one did not disappoint! This is a Maryland Black-Eyed Susan nominated book for chapter books next school year. I know that many of my students will be lining up to read this book. Ghost stories are always so popular. I started this book the last day of my Spring Break and I had to finish it before I went to bed that night. Even though, I had to stay up past my bedtime. But the book was worth it.

I'll be posting this week about my March BOOK Madness and my visit from Marc Tyler Nobleman, so stay tuned!

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The End Of March Already!!

Time sure is flying by. I'm still wondering what happened to February and most of March! I've been doing some reading, but not a lot. I've had a lot going on with my March BOOK Madness. Last year my assistant took care of the bulletin board and updating it, but this year she is gone and I've taken it on. I didn't realize how much work it took at the beginning since I start with 16 pairs (32 books)! But I have loved every minute! Except when I had a few students decided to cheat. I put a stop to it as soon as I found out. 

These are the 16 pairs I started with:

Another Brother versus I Wanna New Room

My Pet Book versus This Book Just Ate My Dog

I Don't Wanna Be a Frog versus McToad Mows Tiny Island

Darth Vader and Son versus Vader's Little Princess

Wolfie the Bunny versus I'll Chomp You

Bear Alert versus Mother Bruce

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast versus Happy Birthday Cupcake

Little Tree versus Stick and Stone

Friendshape versus Happy

Pom Pom Panda Gets the Grumps versus Please Mr. Panda

Rodeo Red versus Marilyn's Monster

Where Are My Books versus Dewey Bob

The Whale in My Swimming Pool versus Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

Snoozefest versus Goodnight Already

Snappsy the Alligator (Didn't Ask to Be in This Book) versus The Watermelon Seed

Ballet Cat: Totally Secret Secret versus If You Ever Wanted to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't!

I'm now down to the Final Four:

This Book Just Ate My Dog versus Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

Please Mr. Panda versus If You Ever Wanted to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't!

I can't wait to see who wins!!

I'm going to try and get blogging again. Time just got away from me. Hopefully I'll be able to get into a routine again. I've already got a good start on my update to my Must Reads in 2016. I know that post will be coming soon.

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)

Monday, February 15, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This meme was started by Sheila at Book Journey. The kid's version was started by Jen at Teach Mentor Text and Kellee at Unleashing Readers.

It has been another crazy week! And one that I thought would never end. I had quite a few meeting after school and I had to visit one of my mentees this week. Most nights I didn't get home until after 8:00pm. I was just so tired I didn't feel like reading! 

This past weekend I did finish Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics by Chris Grabenstein. Click here for a summary on Goodreads. This was a great follow-up to the first book Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library. I loved all the references to many of my favorite books! The appearances of some fellow nerdy book club members were an added bonus! The Dewey references made a little test for me to see if I knew what subject was being referenced. But once again this book made me realize how bad I am at rebus questions. So I won't be answering any of those questions if I find myself competing in the Library Olympics!

Hope you had a better reading week than I did. I'm going to try to dive back into Bone Gap and see if I can get into it.

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)