Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We are rocking and rolling already!

Wow, what a way to start the year. In the middle of Open House we had an earthquake!! I'd never experienced one before, very unsettling. The parents were wonderful about leaving the building. We continued to have Open House out in the parking lot! :) How ironic that the first story that the Fifth Grade students read is Earthquake Terror by Peg Kehert.

We still have one natural disaster to go during this beginning of the school year. All eyes are watching the path of Hurricane Irene. Very stressful way to start the year, hopefully this is the most excitement that we will have this year and the rest will be very calm peaceful.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Work

Well, I can't deny it any longer. The summer is over and it's back to school. Don't get wrong, I'm excited to start a new year, but there is so much that I wanted to get done at home. I guess the to do list for home will get pushed to the side until next summer, and I get a nice big clean sheet of paper for the first to do list of the school year.

If you haven't gone back to school yet, enjoy your last few days. If you already have, I'm right there with you now. Wishing everyone a great start to the year!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Technology in the Classroom

I'm in the process of taking a class offered by my county, called Technology in the Classroom. It is a wonderful class and I'm learning so much. I never realized how many Web 2.0 tools are out there for teachers. The only problem I've found is that trying to figure out what tools are going to work for me and my teaching. It is easy to get overwhelmed when looking at all the Web 2.0 tools. I think that I'm going to pick a few of my favorites and incorporate those into the beginning of the year and see how it goes. I'll post what I'm using and how it is going as the year starts.

Seeing all these wonderful tools, has gotten me excited about the beginning of the school year. But I'm still not ready to go back. :)