Friday, April 6, 2012

What I Read So Far This Week!

I got to go visit my family for the past few days.  It is wonderful to see them and spend time with them.  But it is always great to come home.  Even thought I was gone I still took quite a few books to read.  And I even bought a few!  It's a seven hour drive to get from my house to family, so I had LOTS of time to read.  

One of my students (second grade) told me I had to read Disney After Dark by Ridley Pearson.  She had really fall in love the this series (Kingdom Keepers) and her told me as a surprise over Spring Break she was going to a Ridley Pearson book signing.  Can't wait to her about her experience and excitement over meeting an author for the first time!!  I enjoyed the book and will pick up the rest in the series over the summer.  

I also read The Humming Room by Ellen Potter.  I liked it a lot, but wanted more at the ending.  It was a very fast read.  I also read Smile by Raina Telgeneier.  How did I miss this book when it first came out??? I loved this one!  After reading it I now know why the book is never on my shelf!  I also just finished Dead-End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos.  I was glad that I read it, but was not totally in love with it.

While I was gone I purchased a few books.  My favorite purchase was The Duckling Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems!  I was so glad to find two copies, one for school and one for me!  I just LOVE LOVE any pigeon books and this was just great!!  I also purchase my own copy of I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen.  This is one of my new favorites.  

I didn't know that Jane O'Connor was turning Fancy Nancy into a chapter book.  I found and bought the first in the series:  Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth.  It was a cute read.  I was glad that she is still the same character that was in all the picture books.  I have a few girls in mind who will love this book.

I didn't think that I would get a lot of reading done since I was going to be visiting family, but now that I wrote this post, I realize I did.  

A-Okay to Reread in April!Jen, over at Teach Mentor Texts had another great idea!  She says that "It's A-OK to Reread in April!"  Check back for my post on Saturday to find out what I'm rereading!

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