Saturday, January 28, 2012

What A Week!!!!

This has been such a week.  It is report card time.  I did 21 classes of report cards on Monday afternoon and evening.  I was glad when they were finished, but boy did I have a headache.  Our reports cards, along with our grade book is done on the computer.  The week just went down hill from there.  I think it was partly me, but I know it was partly the kids too.  It made me feel a little better to talk to the other teachers in my building and they expressed the same feelings.  I was sure glad when Friday afternoon came.  I ended up staying at school until 6:00pm on Friday.  There were little things that were just bothering me all week and I needed to take care of them.  I couldn't face coming in Monday and still having to do them.  Also my assistant was out for Thursday and Friday, so things were a little more scattered because when she is not there I do her job and mine.  I have to rethink a few of my classes this weekend and go in fresh on Monday.  The bright spot of the week is we have an early dismissal day on Thursday and I have a book fair workshop happening at my school. I just love book fair and I love the workshops because I get to see what new books will be there.

Here's hoping your week wasn't as bad as mine and that next week will be better.


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