Friday, January 20, 2012

Display for Top Ten Checkouts

I finally had time today to put my display together for the Top Ten Checkouts.  I think that it turned out great!  I  took a picture of the whole display.  I have windows all around my office, so the blue piece of paper are the display.  Then I took a picture of two of the top ten up close.  

To make the display, I took one piece of blue construction paper and glued on the ribbon that I had cut out using the die cut machine. Then I made copies of the covers of the books, cut them out and mounted them on black construction paper.  Next I typed up the title, author, and call number of the book and extra information if needed.  I mounted those on black too.  I'm also going to display the books if they are not checked out.  Most of the books in my top ten were already checked out.  

Let me know what you think.  You can see me in one of the pictures.  I didn't notice until I was ready to post the pictures.


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