Monday, January 6, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This meme was started by Sheila at Book Journey. The kid's version was started by Jen at Teach Mentor Text and Kellee at Unleashing Readers.

The last time I posted was December 9th.  I still wasn't feeling well and I went from bad to worse.  During December is I was so sick it was just enough for me to get up and go to work every day.  Then it got worse over Christmas break.  So I took a break from posting on the blogs, tweeting, and getting on Facebook.  I didn't do much reading of kids books while I was sick. They just didn't hold my interest, not even a short picture book.  But I still did do some reading even though I was sick.

Here comes my deep dark secret.  When I am that sick I want familiar happy stories, so I pulled out my collection of romance novels.  I have found when I'm that sick, I pull out those books because I know the stories so well, that I don't have to think at all.  I think that I read about 15 books from my collection throughout December.

I'm hoping to throw myself back into reading starting tonight.  I've got a pile of picture books that are being used in a lot of Mock Caldecott programs.  It been such a long time ago that I started Sidekicked by John David Anderson, I'm going to start over because I don't remember the beginning.

Do you have any deep dark reading secrets?

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)


  1. Hope you are feeling better Stacey, that's rough. I'm not sure I have any deep, dark reading secrets, but I have read the last 2 Harry Potter books 3 times. Have a good week!

  2. So sorry to hear that you've been sick. When sick I think many of seek out comforting activities and revisiting our old book friends seems perfectly appropriate! Sidekicked was a super entertaining book. Hope 2014 proves to be a healthy one for you!

  3. I say DECEMBER DO-OVER if you were sick. That is no fun.

  4. I'm so glad that you're feeling better! There is NO. SHAME. in reading the familiar/predictable/lovable romance novels when needed! :)
    My secret indulgence is a good Nora Roberts book or catching up with Stephanie Plum!
    Hope you have a happy reading week!

  5. I hope you are feeling better! I have a list of comfort reads I go to when I'm feeling sick. When I felt rotten last summer my sister gave me these four romance books by Nora Roberts that were utterly devoid of conflict -- it was perfect! Four women work together, are great friends, and one by one meet great guys and develop strong relationships without any silliness. Sounds dull, but it was perfect for my sickbed.

  6. Hello there Stacey, there is absolutely nothing wrong about romance novels! :) I used to be addicted to them as well when I was in my undergraduate years - my staple reading then was Judith McNaught and Nora Roberts. :) Do feel better soon!