Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's December 7th already????

Wow, time is really flying at school and at home.  At school we are getting ready for our HUGE school-wide activity, International Day.  This is a gigantic undertaking by staff and students.  Each of our six groups of three or four classrooms (called houses) are a different county.  Each house decorates the shared area and then there are activities set up in each classroom.  In the morning half of the school travels around a visits each country, then a break for lunch, and then the other half travels.  It is a great day, one that the kids will always remember, but a whole lot of work.

I'm getting my reading incentive program up and going.  Which is a lot of work for me.  I'll explain my program in my next post.  My theme this year, to keep track of the students progress is Reading Across the Countries.  It goes along with International Day.

I just can't believe how fast the holidays are coming!!  I'm not close to being ready.  It seems like they come faster each year.


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