Thursday, December 29, 2011

International Day Pictures--Part Two

Now onto the North Pole, Germany, Russia, and Japan.  I forgot to mention that our Office Area was the United States.  They had it decorated with Christmas and Hanukkah decorations.  Over the PA system they played "traveling" holiday music when it was time for the groups to move to a different country.

North Pole
*had "snow" on the floor for the students to walk through
*had arctic gear for the kids to try on
*had hot chocolate to drink

*decorated gingerbread men
*made Christmas trees
*listened to a German song and had root beer and pretzels

*made a set of nesting dolls
*watched a power point about Christmas in Russia
*watched a performance of The Mitten and listened to Russian music
*ate blintzes and drank tea


*wrote haiku (had a snowman haiku with a picture to color for the primary kids)
*made origami
*ate sushi with chopsticks (small pieces of rice crispy treats with a swedish fish on in and wrapped with a piece of fruit roll-up)

Sorry about the big spaces.  I was having trouble with the pictures and I got frustrated.  These pictures only give you a taste about what our International Day is really like.


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