Wednesday, December 28, 2011

International Day Pictures--Part One

I'm finally feel well enough to post the pictures of my school's International Day.  I'll give you a little background about the day.  Each of the "houses" (which are groups of 3 or 4 classrooms), were assigned a specific county when the school was built.  The countries are Mexico, France, China, Germany, Russia, and Japan.  When my school used the trailers the country assigned was Australia, "the Outback".  It was funny because they were located in the back of the building.  This year our one Kindergarten class that is located in small hallway that connects our primary and intermediate hallway was the North Pole.  Also in between France and China is where our Guidance Counselor and our ISIC (In School Intervention Center) offices are located.  They decorated their small part of the hallway into the UN.  They hung doves from the ceiling and had a huge poster with the word peace in many different languages.  

Our school only does International Day every other year.  For the past two International Day's we have done it before Christmas, so we have incorporated holidays around the world.  So each house area decorates their common area and classrooms based on their county.  Each classroom has either food from that country, activities, games, or plays.  I'll list below what each county had going on in their area along with a few pictures.  The teachers divide their class into two groups.  Using parent volunteers, the first group travels in the morning spending about twenty minutes in each country.  Everyone gets a passport and gets it stamped when they reach a new county.  Everyone eats lunch at the same time and then those that stayed in the house area to help with the morning travelers get to travel in the afternoon.

*made sombreros
*ate Mexican wedding cake
*watched a power point about Christmas time in Mexico

*made a pointillism picture
*made a Noel banner
*made a yule log (braided pretzel with icing and sprinkled with chocolate chips)  

*made a dragon
*ate a sticky rice ball (a rice ball dipped in sugar) and drank tea
*played Chinese games and played with toys from China
*read parts of Grandfather Tangs story and made tangram shapes


I'll post the North Pole, Germany, Russia, and Japan tomorrow.  Hope you have enjoyed seeing the first three countries.  Does anyone else do anything like this at their school?


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