Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016: A Brand New Year

I've been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting during these first few days of 2016. For me 2015 was a mixed bag of successes and in my mind, failures. I'm OK with the failures because the successes were pretty big.

Over the past few years, my weight has been creeping up higher and higher. Every year I make some vague resolutions about losing weight. I never followed through for more than a month. On New Year's Eve in 2014 I wrote myself a letter about where I wanted to be in my life on New Year's Eve 2015. I sealed up the letter and didn't open it up. 

My big success in 2015 was losing weight. In my letter, I wanted to lose 20 pounds. Well, I lost almost 60 pounds!! I've posted about my weight loss journey, complete with two pictures, here. It has been a struggle at times, but for the first time I was actually successful. 

This process took over my life/mind and I didn't accomplish many of my other goals for 2015, but I'm OK with that. Losing weight was such a huge task that took all of my focus. I think that in 2016 I will be able to focus on other things because I know what it takes to lose the holiday weight that I've put back on.

I like the idea of having one word to focus the year. For 2016, my one word is:


In the past few year I have not been able to find a balance between my school life and my personal life. My school life has taken over completely, especially since August 2015. There were some changes this school year that I didn't have control over, so I've had to take back over many responsibilities that I had given up. This did not help with any balance in my life. I was looking online for an image to help me remember my one word. I found many, but I'm so scared to post any due to copyright issues. So I looked through my personal photographs and found the perfect image from my trip to Arches National Park this past summer.

Check back tomorrow for my Nerdlution. This is were I'll outline my goals for this brand new year!

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)

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