Saturday, February 15, 2014

World Read Aloud Blogging Challenge

I've been quite busy lately and blogging once again has not been something that has taken a high priority. I'm taking the World Read Aloud Blogging Challenge as a way to get myself motivated again. I first read about the challenge on Matthew Winner's blog, The Busy Librarian. You can read more about World Read Aloud Day on LitWorld website.

The first question in the blogging challenge is:
What is your earliest or fondest memory in which someone read aloud to you?

I don't remember a time where I was reading or someone wasn't reading to me. There were always books in my house, that's what happens when you have two educators as parents. As I was growing up I struggled with reading due to dyslexia. But I never let that stop me from reading. In fact, my tutor said that it was my overwhelming desire to read that didn't let the dyslexia hold me back. My mom was the one who read to me the most. My father has never really been a book reader. He encouraged me, and always said that if I could read I would be successful.

1551701I don't have one specific memory that sticks out in my mind growing up. I remember teachers reading aloud and finding myself hanging on every word. Some were better than others at reading aloud. After reading about Matthew Winner's experience as an undergrad reminded me about an experience I had in college. I was just entering my classes for education at Frostburg State University. We had to take a reading appreciation class.  I LOVED this class, but was totally surprised at some of my fellow students.  Many of them who were elementary majors hadn't read any picture/chapter books for that age since they were that age.  I was always reading "kids" books.  I remember the first class, our instructor, Mrs. Ornstein (she is now Dr. Ornstein) read aloud the book Earrings by Juidth Viorst. She used so much expression and feeling as she read. I didn't even need to look at the illustrations, because she was painting pictures in my mind. I remember thinking that if I could put one tenth of that expression and feeling when I read aloud I would capture my students like she captured us.

Another part of this post is suppose to be about what we are planning to do for World Read Aloud Day. Since this is the first one that I'm celebrating, my answer is I'm not sure yet. Of course, I'll be reading aloud. But I not sure what else I will be doing. I'll share as soon as I figure it out. Suggestions are welcome!

Happy Reading!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)

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