Tuesday, October 2, 2012

National Book Festival Part Two

Sorry it took a few days to get back to finishing my post about my experience at the National Book Festival.  There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.  Trying to get myself on a schedule to be able to work on everything.

When I left off I was waiting in line for Peter Brown to sign my two copies Creepy Carrots! (Which by the way is a great book!)  I was waiting by myself, while my friends listened to other authors.  The line moved slowly, but it was such a great day I didn't mind waiting!  I also had a great view to keep me occupied while I waited.  I also am a huge people watcher, so this was a great opportunity!

It was so great to see Peter Brown in person.  He was a very gracious person who took the time to talk to each person and listen.  I wish I could have heard him speak.  It was funny when I was tweeting about seeing him at the book festival and friend of my was surprised that he was there because she had just seen him in Indianapolis the day before.  To my delight he tweeted back to the both of us!  (I just LOVE Twitter!!!) 

As soon as I got my books signed by Peter Brown, I rushed on over to stand in line to see Tom Angleberger!  I love, love, love his books.  They are always checked out of my library.  Tom really impressed me last school year when I had two students write to him.  I emailed their letters to him and both boys had a response that afternoon.  Of course, as I was waiting in line I had to talk books.  I had two parents in line behind me, that once they found out I was a Media Specialist, were asking for book suggestions.  This made the time past quickly.  Tom started his signing early and excited the line by running up and down thanking everyone for coming!  I tweeted the picture that I took, and he tweeted back that he thought it made him look like a loon, but it was great to meet me.

As I was leaving I stopped to listen to Mary Pope Osborne and her sister.  It was interesting to hear that she was only contracted to write four Magic Tree House books.

A few helpful hints that I learned:  
1.  Bring a backpack!  The bag that I carried the books in after I bought them left a bruise on my shoulder.
2. Buy the books ahead of time!
3. Have friends that will stand in other lines for you!

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)

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