Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Throwdown Year 2

I was so excited when I saw that the Summer Throwdown was starting again this year.  The new twist for year 2 is that it is not librarians vs. teachers, but is librarians & teachers vs. their TBR (To Be Read) pile.  I love this idea!  Everyone I know has a huge TBR pile.  Mine seems to keep growing each day! On the spreedsheet sign up you have to decide how many books you are going to read in the month of July.  I challenged myself to read 20 books during this month.  I know that this will be a challenge for me, with all the other things that I want to get done this summer.  

My book gap is nonfiction books, so I'm hoping to have at least 7 of those 20 books will be nonfiction.  If anyone has any great suggestions feel free to share.  I'm just not really a nonfiction reader.  There are some that capture my attention, but I would much rather read a fiction book.  But with Common Core coming and many of my students always reading nonfiction books, I need to get more familiar with them.

If you want to join the Summer Throwdown Year 2, or just read about it, you can go to the blog Heise Reads & Recommends.  Even if you don't join, it is great to make a challenge for yourself.

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)

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