Saturday, April 6, 2013

Adopt a Shelf Update

  Adopt a Shelf

Before Spring Break I met with my students who applied to adopt a shelf in the Media Center.  I had four 5th Graders who decided they didn't want to participate, which was fine.  So I picked four others.  

This week was our first week back from Spring Break.  I think overall the Adopt a Shelf Program has been a success.  My fiction and everybody shelves are looking better than ever.  It has definitely given those kids a feeling of ownership and they are making sure that their classmates are taking care of the shelves when they are selecting books.  Most of those in the program are taking their jobs so seriously.  In fact two of my 4th graders who had already been in at recess to check on their shelves on Tuesday, asked if it would be alright to check on their shelf during checkout time.  I was THRILLED!!  I even hear one explain to a classmate that he needed to be careful when putting the book back on the shelf because he was not putting it back in the correct space or with the spine facing out.

I did have two fifth graders who, after the first day, decided this was too much work and they didn't want to do it any more.  This made me chuckle, but I had more students who had applied.  I had 25 shelves available and 76 students apply.

This has been a great experience overall and I will continue it next year.  I think that I will have those students who are in 4th Grade, help train those new students next year.

Stacey (@libraryjo92)

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