Tuesday, September 25, 2012

National Book Festival Part One

This past weekend was that National Book Festival held on the mall in Washington D.C.  A few of my teacher friends and I decided to venture up to see what it was all about!  Well I had a great time!

We took the Metro into D.C. and we then walked two blocks because we couldn't figure out what train to get on when we had to change trains.  It was a beautiful day so walking was fine.  This was the sight that we first saw when we got close to the mall!

My friends and I wandered around the different tents.  I made sure to stop by the Scholastic tent to visit my friend Brenda, who was working there.  But soon I realized if I wanted to get some books signed, I needed to go buy the books.  Well, let me tell you that was an experience!!  I found the books that I wanted and got in line very fast, because it was LONG!  I was starting to worry because I was trying to get to have Peter Brown to sign my books.  Luckily I was out and in line in time.  There were so many people waiting to get books signed.  At least I had some great scenery to look at while I waited. 

As I was waiting in line, I was tweeting about my experiences.  I found out that two of the ladies that I regularly tweet with where at the festival as well.  @HannahlilyS was actually in line to see Peter Brown in front of me.  After she got her book signed, she stopped by so we could chat.  @sylvie_shaffer was standing two lines over and when she was going to hear another presentation, she stopped by to chat.  It was great to finally meet these ladies in person.

I'll finish up with another post tomorrow!

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (libraryjo92)

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