Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Wonderful Fifth Grade Class!!!

I have to brag about one of my Fifth Grades.  At the beginning of the year I asked my Fifth Grade Team, what I could help them research.  I was given an African American Biography Project.  I was not excited about doing a biography project.  So I had to figure out a way to get excited about it.  Well, I picked African American that the students might not be familiar with, such as Garrett Morgan, Bessie Coleman, and Mae Jemison.  The guiding/essential question for our project is the following:  In what way was the life remarkable?  Then instead of doing the standard power point or essay, I came up with a really neat and current way to present their information.  I had a Word template of a Facebook Page.  So they have to make a Facebook Page for their person.  

Well, one of the Fifth Grade classes started on the Facebook Page yesterday.  I was blown away by my students!!  I thought the hardest part for them was going be coming up with a status (one sentence in their person's voice).  I was so impressed with some of the statuses.  One student who had Harriett Tubman wrote "Slaves are people too."  Another who had Jackie Robinson wrote "It doesn't matter what your race, as long as you get a good hit."  I was amazed that they could take the facts that they researched and actually turn those facts into statuses that their person really could have said.  It was such higher level thinking going on.  I was so proud of them!!  The next step is to respond in a "friends" voice.  I'll keep you updated!!



  1. Stacy- what a great idea!! Can you share your template?

  2. I'd be more than happy to share. I'll email the template to you. I'll look and see if it is on my computer here at home and send it to you this weekend. If not, I'll email it you on Monday.