Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Fair

Well, I have survived another book fair! The generosity of our school community is truly incredible! Although the book fair can be disruptive we managed to find a nice balance between shopping & learning. My students in grades 2-5 continued to conduct searches using eLibrary. What was different this year was that I added the task of searching for the book they looked up on the shelf. Adding that piece to the assignment really helped the students connect what was on the computer with where the book was located in the Library Media Center. It really gave meaning to the call number.


  1. I'm glad you survived your book fair. Mine is starting next week. Due to the unique set up of my library, I can't continue any lessons, because most of my library is covered up by the book fair cases and tables or is blocked by all the chairs.

    I love when the kids go to the shelves and look for the books after finding it on the computer. I have found it really drives home the point of looking at the whole call number, not just a part.

  2. My book fair is this week, with a funeral for my aunt yet to be scheduled, it will be a stressful week. I set the fair up except for the pay table before I left for MASL on Wed. after school. (I was the only one from SMCPS, go figure, I had to pay my way, but this is my last time and I was on the board in the 1980's until the drive got to be too much.) There were 12 !! boxes of junk that I will not sell until Friday evening at Fall Festival when the parents are there to be in on the decision.