Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Little Tree by Loren Long

23846038As I posted yesterday I really loved Little Tree by Loren Long. It is a great fall story and his illustrations are gorgeous! But a Facebook post by Matthew Winner really got me to thinking about my life and leaves that I've been hanging on to. I have been feeling very overwhelmed this year. I'm trying to do a lot in school and at home. I can't seem to get caught up or even get ahead. This book has really made me realize if I don't let go of somethings, there is no way for me to grow. I can't keep hanging on to everything because it will ultimately hold me back from moving forward. I woke up today feeling more at peace and was actually able to accomplish a lot. 

Also in Matthew's Facebook post he link to his new project All The Wonders. There is a post by Danielle Davis about a leaf badge craft. I love the idea of it being a "merit badge" for letting go! Now I just need to find someone to make a badge for me because I have no talent in sewing! If you haven't checked out All The Wonders, I highly recommend it! Great people doing great things for the kidlit world.

So thank you Loren for writing such an incredible book! And thank you to Matthew for making me reevaluate somethings in my life!

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)

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