Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Throwdown!!!

So excited that tomorrow starts the #Summerthrowdown, Librarians vs. Teachers!!  This was all started on Twitter!!  (Can't say enough about all the wonderful things that I've become a part of because of Twitter!) To find out more about #Summerthrowdown go to Heise Reads & Recommends, a blog created by Mrs. Heise, for more information.  Of course, I'm Team Librarian!

I was up having dinner with my parents for Father's Day today, so I'm able to use their computer to post to the blog.  I've been without a computer since Friday! On Tuesday night it gave me the blue screen of death, so after a short prayer that it turned back on, I backed up all of my data.  This was a comedy of errors!  As I was in the long process of backing everything up, the automatic updates wanted to restart my computer, so I had to sit in front of the computer and click "restart later" every 15 minutes!  Not my idea of a fun night!!  So my computer is getting all the data transferred over to a new computer.  I'm hoping to have it on Tuesday.

Still waiting for my county to get everything straight with our gmail accounts before I start bugging them about letting my account access blogger.  It has been a nightmare to switch over to gmail!  Not one that I want to repeat anytime soon.  So until that happens, my account will say Miss Hazuda.

Happy Reading!!

Stacey (@libraryjo92)

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