Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wow, it's Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday, at some moments I've said today "I can't believe it's only Wednesday" and "Wow, it's Wednesday already".  It just depended on the kids and what was going on at that moment.  

I've been trying to get caught up after being sick yet again.  I am holding myself to my goal of blogging three times this week.  So this is post number two!!

I haven't started The Trouble With May Amelia by Jennifer Holm and Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf, also by Jennifer Holm yet.  This morning I grabbed Bigger Than A Bread Box by Laurel Snyder as I was waiting for the bad thunderstorm to pass over.  I didn't want to leave for work because I was so captivated by the book!  It is such a great read!!

Best teaching moment today wasn't actually me teaching.  I overheard one of my third grade students book talk When Life Gives You OJ by Erica Perl to a fellow classmate because she loved it and she thought her friend would too.

I love my public library!!  The children's librarian contacted me about coming again this year to talk to the students about the summer reading program.  We do this every year.  I enjoy it and it gets the kids excited about reading over the summer.  Well, this year she also proposed doing a school spirit night for my school.  During this night the kids (and parents) who don't have their own library card can come and sign up for one, the kids can sign up for the summer reading program, there will be a craft, door prizes and of course books to check out.  I'm so excited over this!! I picked a day when we are still in school so that I can promote it.  After it is over I'll make sure that I post pictures!!

My only great disappointment this week was that my two books that I have been waiting for, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons and The Serpent's Shadow has not shipped yet.  It was their book birthday yesterday, May 1st. I was very very sad!!!  I should have them by the beginning of next week.

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