Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Technology in Action (part two)

(I'm sorry if you have read this already. My computer was not cooporating yesterday so I just deleated the original post.  My technology issues followed me to school.  Hopefully today will be a better technology day.)

I didn't plan for my Kindergarten lesson to have a technology piece when I planned on Sunday. I knew that they had been talking about weather in science. So we made modified web using Pixie 2. I included pictures along with the text.
My modified web.
Then I gave them a sheet with three gray clouds on it and this sentence printed at the bottom, "It was cloudy with a chance of _______________." They had to fill in the blank with one of our words on the "web" or one of their own. After they tried to write the word they needed to draw many examples of it under the clouds. It was going alright, but the students had just had their fall celebration, so they really didn't want to work. So I pulled the few that had been really working hard to the back of the Media Center. Once I had them there, I used the ipod touch to record them "reading" their sentence. As soon as the others saw what we were doing, they got right to work. It turned out so cute!! I wish I could post some of the videos.


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