Sunday, October 2, 2011

Research Rocks!

I'm getting ready to start a research project with my 5th Graders and my 3rd Graders. With my state adopting the Common Core Standards, research is front and center. I told my 5th Graders that they will have three choices for their final product and one of those choices in not PowerPoint. I have never seen a group of kids panic so fast! I told them that I was going outside my comfort zone, so they were going to go outside their comfort zone. I'm planning on giving them the following three choices: 1. Blabberize their information ( 2. Create an avatar ( or 3. Use the ipod touch to video their presentation. For 3rd Grade I think that I'm going to give them choice 1 or 3 to present their research.

I'm excited, but nervous. Hopefully the research will go well and so will the presentations.


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