Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Classes Current Projects

Here is what my classes are currently working on:

Kindergarten is hearing stories about families and are practicing cutting by creating unique faces using pictures cut out of magazines. Scissors & Kindergartener always make for an exciting activity!

First Grade & Third Grade are both studing quilt so I have read The Kindness Quilt & The Name Quilt. The First Graders are making kindness quilt squares in Pixie. The Third Graders are using Pixie to create a name quilt square with their name & then writing personal narrative stories about themselves. The students are having a great time expressing their creativity through their quilt squares. My dilema is that it would be cool to print them in color but I worry about using too much color ink.

Second Grade is studying owls so the students are using to find owl facts. We are discussed plagarism & practiced writing the facts in our own words. The students are recording the facts in Word. They have learned to place the web site & the word document side by side--they think it is very cool! Finally the students will be making owl puppets to display a fact of their choosing.

Fourth Grade is studying animal habitats. I am having the students use to research a mammal of their choice--I asked that they choose a mammal they knew nothing about & was not a pet or farm animal-- a few weren't happy about this but I was trying to make sure that they were doing research not just pulling facts out of their own brains. We discussed plagarism also.

Fifth Grade is exploring our unique Earth. Using the site they calculated their weight & age on the planets---great fun for everyone! They are gathering additional facts about the planet they choose.

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